Rocker Pete Doherty Gives Penguin Marijuana

Pete Doherty weed

The troubled, drug-addled frontman of the Brit rock band, Babyshambles is in hot water once again. Pete Doherty, 38, is notorious for his insane antics. But few are praising his latest flub: sharing his drugs with a “resident” of the Cotswold Wildlife Park.


The rocker who is as famous for his tumultuous relationship with supermodel, KateMoss, was apparently showing off for her during a jaunt at the wildlife park in Oxfordshire. A source who spoke with British publication, The Sun, claimed that Pete Doherty had been “smoking grass.” It has also been claimed that Doherty was making jokes about “getting the penguins stoned.” The insider states that the rocker promptly tossed his alleged marijuana joint into an area housing a group of Humboldt penguins. One of the penguins retrieved the joint and swallowed it.

Pete Doherty


Pete Doherty is particularly known for his flights of fancy, most of which cause major damage to himself and his surroundings. In 2015, during his performances he was accused of throwing a bottle of Vodka into an audience, vomiting on stage, and stumbling around in a stupor on a number of occasions. The lead singer has been in trouble with the law on multiple occasions, for all sorts of offenses, most of which stem from his much publicized illegal drug use.

It was a 2005 videotaped drug-filled spree with girlfriend Kate Moss (who’s struggled with her own issues) that caused her to ultimately lose multiple modeling contracts. Doherty has been an avid user of heroin, crack cocaine, morphine and marijuana—and has been arrested for possession numerous times. In April of 2016, he was arrested for possession only hours after being sentenced to an 18-month drug rehabilitation program.


It is reported that currently Pete Doherty has moved in with rumored fiancee, Moss in her north London apartment—as he has been evicted from his London flat for owing approximately £10,000 in back rent. It is also claimed that the rocker left the apartment littered in a complete “shambles” with blood-stained walls, trash, and abandoned drug paraphrenalia.

As for the “joint-toking” penguin, London Zoo chief Andrew Routh states that the penguin could die from exposure to marijuana, since the toxins therein might damage the bird’s liver and nervous system. Routh has ridiculed the troubled Babyshambles singer, but there are no reports of formal charges at this time.