Toxin Rid vs Other Drug Detox Pills

Toxin rid instructions

In my Facebook post, I reviewed Toxin Rid, I have tested a few similar detox products and nothing comes close to Toxin Rid’s 10-day detox plan. I keep recommending it for everyone, but people still buy low quality, cheap crap from Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

If you can not afford Toxin Rid’s 7-10 days detox plan, go for the 5 days course and do natural detox in the same time, if you can not afford that one either, I recommend Rescue Cleanse 32Oz. It’s the best detox drink on the market, and it’s very affordable, only 55$.

Message Regarding Detox Pills And Cleansing Drinks

After my Toxin Rid review, I got some messages from my readers, some confirmed that Toxin Rid really works, some were a little bit skeptical, they thought I am promoting them for money and some had genuine questions.

This message is related to detox pills general not to Toxin Rid:

I bought the  Premium Detox 7 day kit from Amazon ( I have never recommended this detox pills to anyone, why did you buy it?). Im 5ft 8 and 165 lbs. I finished the last set of pills yesterday. I tested myself at home today and I failed. I stopped 2 days before I started taking it and I was smoking everyday for about a year and I have a high metabolism. It’s a good thing I bought the mega clean with it. Because If I would’ve relied on that itself I would’ve been fucked. I have the test tomorrow so wish me luck. I can say for my last job I took the 5 day kit and I tested after that and I failed but I had readyclean and i passed. So the detox pills are a scam and the detox drinks are what saved my ass TWICE.

I never recommended that detox product to anyone, I don’t know why did he buy it and why did he left that message for me. Toxin Rid 7day detox is probably 10x stronger than „premium detox”, however, I agree with you regarding detox drinks.

Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox And Alternatives

Even if you take the best detox pills, it’s highly recommended to finish your cleansing course with a detox drink, so it will mask the remaining toxins in your system and you will pass your test guaranteed. If you are a real hardcore smoker, taking detox pills are probably not the best option. Even if you do Toxin Rid detox course for 10 days, some toxins might stay longer in your system.

You can speed up the detox process significantly by drinking a few gallons of water regularly, If you change your diet (cut fat meat, process foods, sugar), eat healthy, fiber-rich food and if you are willing to exercise regularly (sweating really helps a lot!) For detailed Toxin Rid instructions, check out this article. They really go into details, it’s really easy to follow, even if you have never done drug detox before.

If you have been smoking for years on a daily basis, a good quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution, Quick Luck or Quick Fix will do the job. In my next article, I will write about using synthetic urine for a drug test. It’s actually quite easy and if you are not afraid to smuggle a bottle of fake urine in your underwear, you will succeed.