Vick Can Serve Less Time Because of Drug Use

michael vick drug abuse

Michael Vick is going to get by with a slap on the wrist. The plea deal of just 23 months was ridiculous enough, now he’s going off to Leavenworth to try and participate in a drug treatment program there that can shave up to a year off of his time.

Vick pleaded guilty to bankrolling the dogfighting ring and helped in the killing of six to eight dogs that weren’t performing. From most of what I’ve read on the subject, he was a lot more involved, but this is what he pleaded guilty to and he got 23 months. It’s bad enough he only got 23 months for his involvement in this illegal dogfighting ring, but now with the possibility of participating in this drug treatment program, he could get a year shaved off of his time after participating in as little as 500 hours in the program over a 6 to 12 month period.

How is he able to get away with this and participate in a drug program when he was convicted of bankrolling a dogfighting ring? Easy, he tested positive for marijuana back in September when he was on supervised release after his guilty plea. Now, if allowed, he can participate in this drug treatment program and not even have to serve out his pitiful 23 month sentence.

I highly doubt Mr. Vick is worried about a marijuana addiction, he got caught using it and now they are using that to try and get out early and they call this justice. Dogs were abused and killed for Mr. Vick and his co-horts wallets and he can possibly get away with serving only about six months in prison?

Michael Vick marijuana

That’s just not right, plus if allowed to participate, Mr. Vick won’t be in the general population either, he’ll get to be housed in a separate unit with all the other prisoners that are in the drug treatment program. If granted the early release after participation in this program, Mr. Vick would actually be available to play in the 2019 NFL season if they lift the suspension.

This is what they call justice and why so many animal lovers hate how the law views pets and animals when involved in crimes. There is hardly any punishment to these people who abuse animals, yes they get fined, but that is usually not a large amount either because the law views animals as property and not very valuable property at that. This is why the laws need to change.

So, not only did Mr. Vick get a slap on the wrist with the sentence, he has the possibility to get out early because he used marijuana. Sure, that will really teach him and others not to engage in this type of criminal behavior.